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Option to disable "smart links" and means revert "smart links" to url


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      When using Confluence (Jira has the sam problem and an issue) to document facts this often needs refrencing urls.

      Converting urls into smart link causes several problems

      • fetching an url is not side effekt free. fetching many url every time a page is edited can and often enough does cause unwanted side effects when developing it systems
      • most of the time the current implementation of the "smart link" processing is pretty dumb and looses important information in the process making the look "smart"
      • the ctrl Z approach does not help for pasted collection of links
      • the editor seems to have problems handling the "smart links", sometimes it only offers the possibility to convert as single link to an url, sometimes it only offers to edit the generated "smart" text - then one needs to copy annd paste the url.    

      Additionaly "smart links" make the edit and save slow to very slow. Afair there is an issue that for pages with many links the "smart link" behaviour makes editing impossible due to the fetching all sites delay -> "!smart" breaks editing.   


      When I paste a prepared text with say 30 links (happens often enough) the click every singe link, click edit link, mark url, copy url, mark text, paste url takes say 20 seconds -> 10 minutes correcting "smart".


      It would be helpful to make it possible to disable "smart link" behaviour for a user or a workspace. 


      This problem could be circumvented for some part if proper markdown and/or asciidoc import/export was there.   


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