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Provide the ability to add a comment when adding flag or remove the flag to an issue using the New Issue View Menu options



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Software Cloud. Using JIRA Software Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Currently, Kanban and Scrum boards on Jira Cloud have the feature to right-Click on the Issue Card and select the "Add Flag"/"Remove Flag" option. This gives a pop-up that shows the Flag and a Comment box to enter a comment. (Check the image below)

      After we enter the comment and click ADD, this flags the issue as an impediment and automatically adds the Red Flag icon to the comments, or removes the impediment and automatically adds the White FlagĀ icon to the comments.

      This feature, however, is not available on the New issue view screen. Inside the New issue view screen, it is only possible to select "Add Flag" / "Remove Flag" from the Ellipses (... 3dots) Menu and it will directly mark the issue as flagged or remove the flag.

      • The problem here is that this is not consistent with the flow that the Add and Remove Flag operation takes when it is done from the Board Issue Cards. When adding a flag from the board issue cards it gives a Pop-Up window with the Comment Field and adds the entry in the comment with the Flag Icon.
      • When adding the flag from the New Issue Detail View, the issue is flagged, but the comment does not get updated with the Flag Icon.

      Please make both the flow consistent in the way they work so the results are similar. This would speed up the flagging and unflagging of issues, and since it is a feature already present in JIRA, it shouldn't be too difficult to make it available from inside the view screen.


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