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Automation smart value date time functions do not work on the Assets date time attributes



      Automation functions don't work on the Assets attributes.

      The datetime functions don't work on the Assets object date or dateTime attributes:

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a date attribute to one of the object types and set a value for an object
      2. Create an automation rule that gets triggered when an object gets updated and add an action to create an issue and try to copy the date attribute of the object to the date custom field of the issue

      Expected Results

      Able to copy the value using the datetime functions:


      Actual Results

      The date and time functions do not work on the Insight object date, dateTime attributes. The below smart value is empty:


      While the below smartvalue returns the date:


      Though these functions work on the Created and Updated attributes of the Insight objects.



      The following knowledge base article details workarounds for this bug as well as other automation functions impacted in a similar way: Workaround for using smart value functions with Assets data in Automations

      An example use of the workaround mentioned in the article:

      1. Create a variable "datevar" to store the date value:
      2. Then use the below functions on the variable name:

         We have an example listed on this kb: https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/JIRAKB/Update+Insight+object+attribute+values+using+automation 

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