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Automation conditional logic does not work on the Assets objects and fields


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      Automation functions don't work on the Assets attributes.

      The automation conditional logic will not work with Assets attributes (except for the default attributes like Name, Key, etc.)

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a text attribute to one of the object types and set a value for an object
      2. Create an automation rule using conditional logic to add a comment to set an additional approver if the reporter of an issue and the Approver selected in the Application are the same. 
      {{#if(equals(issue.reporter.accountId, issue.Application List.Approver))}} Add another approver for review because reporter and approver are the same{{/}}

      Expected Results

      The comment "Add another approver for review because reporter and approver"  is added when the reporter and approver are the same user. And the rule fails to add a comment when the condition doesn't meet. 

      Actual Results

      The rule fails in both the scenarios with error "Comment body can not be empty! " because the conditional logic returns nothing even if the value of the reporter and approver matches.


      1. Create a variable "AppVar" to store the asset attribute value of the approver:
         {{Issue.Application List.Approver}}
      1. Then use the conditional logic instead:
        {{#if(equals(issue.reporter.accountId, AppVar))}} Add another approver for review because reporter and approver are the same {{/}}

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