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Add possibility to disable public access to JIRA


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      As an Administrator I would like to be able to disable public access to JIRA, so the users will have to login before they can browse projects, search issues or navigate to system dashboard.


      Before applying the workaround from this section, make sure the Load Balancer / Reverse Proxy health check is properly configured to send a GET /status.

      If the health check is targeting only GET /, then nodes will be reported as unhealthy by the Load Balancer after applying the feature flag.

      Refer to Load balancer configuration options for further details on configuring the health check.


      In JIRA 7.2.10 the possibility to disable public access for anonymous users was added, however it is still in labs state.

      In order to disable public access for anonymous users, administrator needs to add a darkfeature public.access.disabled.
      Here are the steps required for adding a dark feature in Jira:

      • Login as an administrator and go to: [BASE-URL]/secure/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa
      • In the Enable Dark Feature text field add public.access.disabled

      Once added, users that are not logged in (anonymous) who navigate to URLs such as the ones listed below will be redirected to the login page:

      • [BASE-URL]/secure/Dashboard.jspa
      • [BASE-URL]/browse/ {issue-key}
      • [BASE-URL]/browse/?jql=
      • [BASE-URL]/projects/ {project-key}
      • [BASE-URL]/issues/

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