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Add the ability to update issues via REST without sending notifications


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update - 23 September 2016

      Hi everyone,

      Suppressing email notifications is now possible when editing issues. We have added a new notifyUsers query parameter to the issue resource. You can set this query parameter value to false when making a PUT request to suppress email notifications for your change. You can view the documentation here.

      This will only affect email notifications – changes will still be logged, added to the issue change history, events will still be sent to listeners, webhooks will still fire.

      This is currently available in JIRA Cloud and was released in JIRA Server 7.2.

      Dave Meyer
      JIRA Product Management

      REST api is supposed to replace XML/RPC and SOAP APIs which are already deprecated (and contains blocker bugs).

      I am filing this as a bug because it is clearly a regression from using SOAP where you can skip sending notifications.

      This bug makes maintenance via REST almost impossible due to the amount of emails it will send to the users.

      Support suggested disabling email notifications while the scripts are running but that's not possible for two reasons: these are live systems used 24x7 and 2nd, these could be triggered at different times or scheduled to run periodially, it's not possible to disable email notifications for the entire instance just to prevent these from happening.

      One possible solution to this problem is to have a special group, like jira-bots (or jira-automation, jira-silent) for which jira will skip sending email notifications if the changes were made by a user part of this group.

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