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REST API issue create endpoint should have the ability to suppress notifications


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      Problem Definition

      Derived from previous JRASERVER-34423 - There are times when a Jira admin might need to create a large number of issues and choose to use the REST API as a means to do this. However you don't always want to send out notifications to all the users in the notification scheme when this takes place. It would be very helpful if the issue create endpoint api/2/issue had a means to do this, much like the edit issue endpoint (api/2/issue/{issueIdOrKey} endpoint) has the notifyUsers query parameter.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement the notifyUsers query parameter on the issue create endpoint as well.

      Why this is important

      End users are easily annoyed by bulk issue creation. Many users have complained about Jira being overly chatty when it comes to email. This suggested solution would provide Jira admins a quick means to create issues without flooding the inbox of everyone on your team. This implementation method would still log issue histories and trigger other events/listeners just like notifyUsers currently works on api/2/issue/{issueIdOrKey} endpoint.   The workaround can provide a solution, but it's not ideal because it is not granular enough to only limit notifications for this REST API call, it's overkill to completely change the notification scheme for this single issue creation event, and likely to leave the admin to forget to change it back.


      It is possible for Jira admin to temporarily modify the notification scheme in use for that project so that no users are sent out notifications for such events as Issue Created, issue assigned, etc. However this work-around is not ideal as it prevents all such notifications for any project using that scheme.

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