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Adding an Attachment AND Commenting OR send an email with an attachment Should Raise Event "Issue Commented"


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    • 7.0.0
    • || Java Version | 1.6.0_12
      || Application Server Container | Apache Tomcat/6.0.20
      || Operating System | Linux 2.6.18-128.el5
      || OS Architecture | amd64
      || JIRA Edition | enterprise
      || Installation Type | Standalone
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      Hi, some users complain that when someone adds an attachment to an issue while adding a comment at the same time (cf. screenshot), event "Issue Commented" is not raised.
      Same occurs if the user sends an email to add a comment to the issue and the email has an image in the signature (or any attachment).

      Consequently, they do not receive any notification email, whereas the comment does appear actually in the list of comments.

      Would it be possible to raise event "Issue Commented" as soon as an attachment is added along with a comment?


      The event that is fired in this scenario is 'Issue Updated'. Notifications can be configured for the event Issue Updated type within Notification Scheme.

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