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Fire all notification scheme events regardless of whether or not other events have been activated


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      I recently opened a support request because my 'Assignee' email notifications were not being generated, even though 'Current Assignee' was a recipient of all 'Issue Assigned'.

      I was setting the assignee of issues three ways:
      1. Using the 'Assign to' link
      2. Setting the assignee while editing an issue, using 'Edit'
      3. Setting the assignee during a transition

      Because the current assignee was not a recipient of 'Issue Updated' and 'Work Started on Issue' events, no email notifications were sent.

      I am requesting that all relevant events be triggered each time the event occurs. For example if an assignee and fix version is set while editing an issue, this should trigger both Issue Updated & Issue Assigned. If an assignee & fix version is set while transitioning to In Progress, this should trigger 'Work Started on Issue', 'Issue Updated', and 'Issue Assigned'.

      All relevant events should be triggered, and the recipient should receive a single notification. In our particular application, we want the current assignee to receive a notification each time they are assigned, but only the watchers to receive notification when an issue is updated. Sending the current assignee emails every time an issue is updated by anybody (they are able to disable notifications for their own changes) is far too many notifications for our needs. Unfortunately, including Current assignee to the Issue Updated list is the only way to get them to receive AT LEAST the assignee emails.

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