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Missing keyboard shortcuts in Jira's new issue view


      Hello Everyone!

      We’ve now implemented a Share shortcut key to be “shift + s” so as to not interfere with other pre-existing shortcut keys. This should now be available to all users. If there are other shortcuts you're interested in for the Issue View please raise a JAC ticket or watch/vote for an existing JAC ticket so that we can track interest.


      Emily Ditchfield
      Jira Software Team

      Not all keyboard shortcuts are working in Jira's new issue view.


      Operation Shortcut Status
      Edit issue e Not applicable to new issue view as there is no edit modal
      Assign issue a Working (field must be added to screen configuration)
      Comment on issue m Working
      Watch issue w Working
      Open issue o Working
      Share issue shift + s Working
      Edit issue labels l Working (field must be added to screen configuration)
      Assign to me i Working
      Jump to fields for editing , Will be replaced by dot "." menu. See next row.
      Dot "." action menu . Tracked elsewhere, see JRACLOUD-71827


      Expected Results
      All relevant keyboard shortcuts work in the new issue view

      Actual Results
      Nothing happens when using a keyboard shortcut that is not supported.


      There is no workaround.

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