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Jump to fields for editing Keyboard shortcut do not work ("," or "gg" or ".")


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      Atlassian Update - 27 June 2023

      Hi Everyone,

      I'm Ahmud, a product manager working on the issue view in Jira Cloud. Thank you for sharing your votes and comments for this feature request.

      I understand how important the dot "." menu is to work more productively and efficiently in Jira. We won't be addressing or adding more functionality to the dot dialog menu in the near term. We are currently working on a new keyboard shortcut experience that will be launched in the near future. I will update this ticket to open so you can continue updating the ticket with your feedback. Once the new experience launches we will update this ticket.



      Atlassian Update - 7 June 2021

      Hi everyone,

      Issue actions are now out in the dot dialog menu in the new issue view. Thank you for your patience as we released this high value feature. 




      Jump to fields for editing Keyboard shortcut do not work on new Issue view ("," or "gg" or ".")

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. With the new Jira issue view, open the full page view of an issue or open the view of the issue in a board.
      2. Tap on ",", "gg" or "." on your keyboard on an Issue

      Expected Results

      A window appears to search on system settings and field within the Issue

      Actual Results

      You can only search for system settings


      No workaround besides using the old view

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