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Using hot keys period "." OR comma "," on new issue view opens site search rather than issue actions


      Issue Summary

      Using the period Hot Key "." or the comma "," hot key from the View issue screen on the new issue view will open the site search dialogue box but no longer opens the issue operations/actions search dialogue See BUG JRACLOUD-71936 as referance where both actions will open the quick field editing in classic view currently, but only the period "." hot key works in the New Issue view

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. From classic View press the period key "." or comma key "," while viewing an issue
      2. the behavior in JRACLOUD-71936 occurs
      3. Enable new issue view
      4. go back to same issue and repeat the same actions

      Expected Results

      • The period (.) triggers Quick Operations
      • The comma (,) triggers Quick field editingOptions
        Issue Operations dialogue appears with options to: Edit Fields, Edit Issue, assign, comment, etc....

      Actual Results

      The period (.) triggers the Quick operations Actions Dialogue
      The Comma (,) does nothing


      Note the workaround will still encounter BUG JRACLOUD-71936 but if you wish to regain access to the Quick Issue actions dialogue Disable the new issue view and use the Classic View Noting that Next-Gen projects cannot disable the new issue view:
      Select User Avatar >> Personal Settings under the section "Jira labs" Deselect the aria-lable selector checkbox for "New Jira issue view"

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