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Make View change timestamp configurable (use time instead of "1 hour ago")


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      Status Update

      We’ve now addressed this in the new issue view!

      • When the date of the action is <= 7 days ago, you’ll be able to switch between relative and absolute formats by clicking on the timestamp.
      • When the date of the action is > 7 days ago, it will always show the timestamp in absolute format, as per our design guidelines.

      If you don’t have the new issue view yet, you can try it out by clicking on your avatar > Personal settings then turning on New Jira issue view under Labs. For more info, check out The new Jira issue view.

      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Activities on issues display "Updated 1 hour ago" instead of the actual time stamp. I've searched through the support documentation for 6.0.1 and earlier versions, and have been unable to find instructions for Administrators to change the configuration to always display the actual time/date of activity.

      Please advise.

      • There was a workaround by modifying the jira-config.properties file that is no more applicable. 
      Expected behaviour:
      • Display actual dates/timestamps rather than relative
      • Or makig this configurable.

      For now hover over the displayed date is the temporary solution for this behaviour

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