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Provide SCIM API's for managing Atlassian account users


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      Atlassian status as of 7 March 2019

      Hi everyone,

      The Atlassian Cloud app in Azure AD now supports automated user and group provisioning. If you have Azure AD as your identity provider, you can configure the app to automate the provisioning and deprovisioning process. To get it setup, have a read about how automatic user provisioning works with Atlassian Cloud and then follow the instructions on Azure AD.

      As a quick summary:

      The Atlassian Access team


      Original request:

      User management REST API in JIRA Cloud do not support user profile updates, this breaks consumer who relay on these API's to update user profiles. 

      Fix: Expose public API's (SCIM standard) for user management which allows consumers to provision, update, delete users directly with Atlasssian account

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