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Bulk Edit Atlassian Accounts in a Cloud Instance



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      Problem Definition

      According to the section "Deactivate or delete users" here, there is no way to bulk deactivate users.

      We need the ability to read all active users in Atlassian Cloud and when necessary, deactivate/edit those Atlassian accounts.

      Suggested Solution

      • Implement an API solution for updating individuals and bulk updating users in mass
      • Allow the ability for the Atlassian Account to be synced with the Identity Provider account so that deactivation occurs automatically from either side

      Why this is important

      As a Site-admin, it's not feasible to manually deactivate/edit accounts on an individual basis. The ability to bulk deactivate users in User Management is a necessary requirement

      According to https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/user-management-rest-api-changes-in-jira-cloud-858756548.html

      What options do I have for managing Atlassian accounts themselves via API?

      Atlassian accounts cannot be managed via public APIs today. We are currently evaluating how best to expose these capabilities in a secure manner that best meets our customers' use cases.

      Our large software company constantly runs up against the # of users and we need a way to ensure our license usage is accurate. All we want is to Deactivate the user upon them leaving our company.


      No workaround available


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