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New advanced search returns irrelevant results for the exact match




      Bug Fix Policy

      At the moment, we can't set an ETA for the fix to be released, since there's a number of factors that determine how our product team prioritizes bugfixes.
      You can learn more by reading Atlassian Cloud Bug Fixing Policy.

      Issue Summary

      The exact match doesn't work with the new advanced search experience for CJK text.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create 3 pages which have a title 消費税, 消去 and 増税対応 accordingly.
      2. Go to the old experience and search pages with a query "消費税" with double quotations.
      3. Check the search result only contains the page which title is 消費税 as expected.
      4. Go to the new experience and search pages with the same query
      5. Verify the search result contains the pages which title is 消去 and 増税対応 other than 消費税.

      Expected Results

      The advanced search should extract the pages where the exact-match pattern is applied.

      Actual Results

      The new advanced search returns irrelevant results for the exact match.


      • Changing the indexing language doesn't help.
      • Other Operators also don't work such as -消費税 but it also occurs to English search


      Consider adding yourself as a watcher to be kept informed as to the state of the bug moving forward. With that way, if our development team updates the ticket, you'll be notified via email.

      Until then, try the exact-match search with the old experience.


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