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New search experience not properly interpreting CQL


      Atlassian Status as of November 11, 2019

      We just confirmed our plan to bring back support for basic search query operators including AND, OR, and NOT in the new advanced search experience. We plan to release it in the next couple of weeks.

      This is a known limitation that we have planned to address shortly after completing the full rollout of the new advanced search experience.

      Thank you for your patience,

      Elaine, Confluence Cloud PM

      Issue Summary

      The new search experience isn't properly interpreting CQL.


      Confluence Cloud

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Navigate to to Search
      2. Click on Advanced search
      3. Use a CQL like: example NOT example2

      Expected Results

      The search should bring results filtering only by 'example' without 'example2'.

      Actual Results

      It doesn't filter the content correctly based on the CQL.


      Use the old search experience by going to https://yoursite’sname.atlassian.net/wiki/dosearchsite.action

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