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The new search experience doesn't respect Indexing Language configuration



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      Issue Summary

      The new search experience doesn't take account of the index language.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Change the Indexing Language config to CJK
      2. Create 3 pages which have a title 消費税, 消去 and 増税対応 accordingly.
      3. Go to the old experience and search pages with a query 消費税.
      4. Check the search result shows the pages containing 消費税 in their title or content body at the top.
      5. Go to the new experience and search pages with the same query
      6. Verify the search result contains the pages which title is 消去 and 増税対応 in higher search rank
        • When the number of pages increased, the search result will be useless
        • The exact-match operator is unavailable with the new experience neither (CONFCLOUD-67993)

      Expected Results

      The pages corresponding to the search query will be ranked in the top.

      Actual Results

      Irrelevant pages are ranked in the top.


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      Bookmark the old experience and use it for the search.

      Thanks to CONFCLOUD-67993, the exact match operator is now available:

      Support Note - Nov 22, 2022

      With the CJK configuration, the search appears to behave differently up to the target:

      • page bodies: Kuromoji
      • page titles: N-gram (unigram)
        • For Japanese-speaking users, Kuromoji is the best possible generic search engine.
        • You maybe want to name the language configuration "Japanese" but not "CJK" because the name CJK seems suitable for N-grams but not for Kuromoji.
        • The known workaround with the exact match works well for N-grams but not Kuromoji.


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