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Fix the mail error queue


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Confluence Cloud. Using Confluence Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      The mail error queue is currently useless.

      • You have no indication what the error is
      • All you can do is "resend all" or "delete all"

      We need to work on the same principles as an MTA.

      • If an error is permanent, give up and log the error somewhere.
      • If an error is transient, put it on a queue to resend after a few hours.
      • If a transient error keeps happening for a certain amount of time, give up and log the error somewhere.

      Also useful would be:

      • Keep track of users whose mail fails repeatedly, and stop sending them anything. Flag the account, and have a big note on their profile page saying "Notifications are currently disabled for this account due to repeated mail delivery failures. Please turn notifications back on on your notifications preferences page."
      • Mail fails with 'was not a permissible recipient' error should go to Error Queue
      • Notification email queue should persist across restarts of Confluence (CONF-3556)

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