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Automatic Backup generation in Backup Manager


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      Status Update 16/3/2021

      Automatic backup scheduling IS on our list, although not in the very first horizon, as we are looking to completely overhaul the backup/restore experience. Especially for those that have very large datasets. With that said, there will be a mechanism available to automate this yourself, until we build that functionality into the UI.

      Click the link, click Send request to join, and we should get you in within 24 hours to review our strategy and provide feedback as we go.

      Problem Definition

      Since we lost some data after a Confluence OnDemand upgrade but noticed the loss later than the 4 weeks, we would like to include the the Confluence backup into our local backup routines.

      As I understand one has to manually create an export in the Backup Manager of JIRA and Confluence.

      Suggested Solution

      Can you please add the possibility to automatic generate a backup each day or at least each week?


      The below backup scripts are working (at this current point in time) but the endpoints might change without notice:

      Please be advised that you should avoid executing these backup scripts during the maintenance window.


      For more details on this, or for alternative ways to automate backups in Cloud, please refer to:

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