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Deactivation policies for managed accounts


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      Problem Definition

      Currently, the process of finding and deactivating inactive users(haven't accessed any products for a long time) is strictly manual as admins can either use:

      1. The Export accounts feature inside the Managed Accounts
      2. The Organization get users REST endpoint

      To find those users by looking at the Last active date.

      So, the deactivation of the accounts still depends on manually checking how long your users have been inactive and then manually deactivating them or developing a script to use the user management REST deactivation endpoint.

      Many admins are also interested in disabling the notifications that are sent to their end users upon deactivation, or improving the deactivation message to include more information about the reason for deactivation to keep users better informed.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement a deactivation policies feature for Atlassian Access where admins can configure default time for users to be deactivated by being inactive.

      Admins would then be able to configure that users who haven't accessed any products in the last 3 months will get automatically deactivated.

      Additionally, the feature could trigger an email message to the deactivated users saying why they were deactivated and who they need to contact, as well as an option to disable the notification from being sent. 

      Why this is important

      For organizations with thousands of users, the current methods of finding and deactivating, inactive users requires a lot of work from the organization admins and as the company grows this tends to get more difficult to be done.

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