Release Notes - Jira Data Center - Version 6.0.5 - HTML format


  • [JRASERVER-5567] - Incorrect stemming causes some words to be unsearchable
  • [JRASERVER-19211] - Changing the Indexing language does not inform the user that they must do a re-index.
  • [JRASERVER-31093] - Issue security level is not set to default value when selecting different project during issue creation
  • [JRASERVER-31608] - The base URL setting does not accept numeric characters in the top level label
  • [JRASERVER-33492] - Share dialog appears outside viewport in details view
  • [JRASERVER-33650] - Pressing 's' on the view issue page does not work after the share dialog is dismissed as a result of scrolling.
  • [JRASERVER-33669] - Usernames in the projectroleactor table are not lower-cased
  • [JRASERVER-33678] - Reflected XSS in JIRA Admin Panel (Delete User)
  • [JRASERVER-33712] - custom fields do not respect = false
  • [JRASERVER-33714] - Retain previously selected configuration values in Configure link from the Report Results Page
  • [JRASERVER-33766] - View application properties page does not display the end-user i18n message for the Indexing Language setting
  • [JRASERVER-33876] - Hours and minutes do not respect = false
  • [JRASERVER-34008] - ProjectRole Migration from 5.1.3 to 6.1-m03
  • [JRASERVER-34160] - Reflected XSS in JIRA Admin Panel (Delete User)
  • [JRASERVER-34225] - Default issue security level is reset when switching projects during issue creation
  • [JRASERVER-36441] - Path traversal in JIRA Importers plugin (Windows only)


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