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Support Epics and Stories in Jira Work Management Cloud


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      Atlassian Update - 20th July 2023

      Hi everyone, my name is Ben, I'm a Product Manager in Jira Work Management.

      Firstly, thank you all for watching and voting on this ticket.

      This ticket is now a bit over 2 years old. During this time Jira Work Management has seen plenty of updates, some of which address the requests and comments in this ticket. Over time this ticket has become a "catch all" for anything related to Epics and Stories in Jira Work Management. This isn't helpful for you our customers, as it's hard to tell what we're working on, and if we're reading your requests. It also isn't helpful for Atlassian product/support as it's hard to provide clear answers.

      Because of this, this ticket will now be tracked in separate subtasks. Please vote for the relevant subtask if it describes your request. Otherwise please open a separate ticket if your concerns are not captured by the tickets below:

      To clear up confusion, this ticket will be moved back to gathering interest. Progress for the suggestions above will tracked in their respective tickets.

      Thank you again for your continued feedback and patience,



      For companies that use agile methodologies across the business, it would be helpful to have better support of the Epic and story issue type in the Jira Work Management project templates. Plus, advanced roadmaps expects it. You can add these issue types, but the fields required for the Epic aren't supported in the form. And the hierarchy doesn't display in the list or timeline. The hierarchy displays nicely in Advanced roadmap if you have an epic set up, but if you don't, and you just have a task with subtasks, it categorizes the work under "issues with no parent." So it's sub-optimal no matter which way you do it.

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