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When using the Create Button or the 'c' key for a Service Desk Project it should correctly create a ticket.


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      Currently in Service Desk if you use the Create button or 'c' key to create an issue it doesn't correctly create in Service Desk project.

      The request type is not set, and notifications will not correctly be processed by Service Desk.



      • Set an automation rule so when an issue is created, the automation will set a Request type according to the Issue type:
        • You might need to add several "IF" clauses to evaluate the different issue types on the project and set the relevant request type.
      • Do not use the "Create" button for Service Desk projects (or even restrict the issue creation Permission to agents in that project), use the "Raise request" option:
      • You can add the Customer Request Type field to the Issue creation screen (although currently it is not possible to set the field as Required):

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