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"Customer Request type" field get encoded when exported to CSV


      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Service Desk Server. Using JIRA Service Desk Cloud? See the corresponding bug report.


      When the user exports an issue from Service desk to CSV(all fields) the "Customer Request type" do not show the actual name of the request type, instead it shows a code from it.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Search for service desk issue that contains not default request types
      2. Click on Export Excel CSV (all fields)

      Expected Results

      On the exported csv, "Customer Request type" field shows the name of the request type.

      Actual Results

      It shows a code from it.

      Take note that the exported value is in the form of: Project_Key/Request_Type_Key


      Run this SQL query from the database:
      NOTE this is written in PostgreSQL syntax and may need to be modified for for your database type:

       select vp."KEY" as project_key, vpf."NAME" as Request_type_Name, vpf."KEY" AS request_type from "AO_54307E_VIEWPORT" vp join "AO_54307E_VIEWPORTFORM" vpf on vpf."VIEWPORT_ID" = vp."ID";

      Then base on the KEY to find the NAME.

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