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Allow JIRA Service Desk to search Confluence Questions



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      Atlassian status update as of 9th May 2018

      Thank you everyone who has voted or commented on this suggestion. Apologies for allowing this issue to remain open for a period of time without a clear update.

      We've assessed this request and how it may positively impact our broad enterprise customer base. After initial analysis we have decided that we may not include this in our medium term roadmap. However, we’re not closing the ticket at this time in order to garner broader interest for this feature. I understand this may seem disappointing, but we believe it’s important for us to be open, transparent and honest with our customers.

      In the mean time we’ve been busy and have recently released Priorities per project, Approval visibility and also addressed the #1 JAC issue of disabling account verification emails.

      We will definitely post an update if we prioritize this feature earlier.

      Thank you for your support.

      — Jira Service Desk Team

      Right now you can link a service desk project to a Confluence space to allow customers to search the knowledge base before they file a ticket.

      It would be great to also include Confluence Questions in these search results.


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