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Service Desk 'Customer Request Type', 'SLA', 'Request Participants' custom field values do not show in XML format


      When searching for issues in a JIRA with Service Desk, you can select the "Customer Request Type" (or SLA, or Request Participant) custom field as a column. This displays correctly.

      If you now export as xml, then the value for the "Customer Request Type" field is not included in the generated xml.

      <customfield id="customfield_10000" key="com.atlassian.servicedesk:vp-origin">
      <customfieldname>Customer Request Type</customfieldname>

      From our Confluence, we search JIRA/SD and rely on the xml export to process the output using xslt. Because the "Customer Request Type" is not included in the xml, we cannot display it on our page.

      It also means the field cannot be displayed in Confluence using the JIRA issues macro. See CONF-38703.

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