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As an admin I want the ability to configure the *Bulk Settings* used by the Service Desk mail handler



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Service Desk Cloud. Using JIRA Service Desk Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As an admin, I would like the ability to configure the Bulk Settings used by Service Desk Mail Handler. This is because when some mails auto-forward or redirect emails, they will generate the auto-submitted: auto-generated header. This header will cause the request to be not created.

      The incoming-mail.log will display the following error

      2014-10-14 22:54:34,151 DEBUG [Mail server for xxxx@email.com. Created by JIRA Service Desk.] atlassian-scheduler-quartz1.clustered_Worker-1 ServiceRunner Mail handler used by JIRA Service Desk. Do not modify or delete. 10,200 The message has been rejected (Rejecting message due to failed bulk check.): 

      This is causing problems as we have multiple mail accounts and unable to configure alias due to particular reasons so we have to use redirection/forwarding but both of these will generate the said header.

      Update as of 13th September, 2021

      Hi Everyone,

      Thank you for your continued patience with a much-requested feature. The ability to disable the bulk filter entirely is not being implemented at this stage and is not on our roadmap for the next six months. We are continuing to invest in improving the email experience and are currently working on other issues in the space.

      In the interim the allowlist feature will continue to be the main method of ensuring that emails from domains are not blocked. We will revisit this ask after we have shipped the currently slated features on our roadmap.



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