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Ignore unwanted images in attachments for issues created from emails



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      Product update 31st July, 2023

      Hello Everyone,My name is Manpreet, and I’m a Product Manager for email channel in JSM Cloud. Thank you for your continued patience with this feature request and I know it must be frustrating. I wanted to share an update. The team has picked up this feature in FY24 roadmap. As a result, I am updating the status of this request to in-progress.

      Once the feature goes live, any images received through email will not be added to the "Attachments" section if they already exist there. This approach will prevent overcrowding in the "Attachments" section and make it easier to locate pertinent attachments.

      If you want to share any suggestions or share your use-case with us, please feel free to reach out to me on msingh10@atlassian.com

      I will continue to share more updates on this ticket as we move forward with our development.



      PM, JSM

      Problem Definition

      Issues created from emails attach files such as marketing advertisment images or even text often included in singatures to an issue, which can clutter things for issue asignees in that they might not be able to filter out important attachments or will lose valuable time in manually deleting attached duplicate files from attachments. Additionally, administrators may want to restrict certain files from a source from being attached to new and existing issues.

      Suggested Solution

      Implement a file and text filter on a global (JIRA administrators) and/or project level (Project administrators) to exclude selected attachments or text from email content for new issues or comments added to existing. Next to each file there could be an option to quickly exclude attached file names and size (in case a different file with the same name is attached). We could have a filters manager in which admins could remove previously selected files and allow to be included in issue attachments again (similar to lists for blocked users in IMs).

      Why this is important

      Issues with multiple files not pertinent to request or problem description not only clutter the system but also can cause delays in ticket processing or asignee to miss important attachments in growing list of duplicate files.




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