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Customer Portal Does Not Display Custom Validator Error



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      Customers who have configured a Workflow Validator in their Service Desk Projects have noticed that the Custom Validator Error message does not appear in the Customer Portal (if the Validator fails).

      In this scenario, the validator is to ensure that Customer Requests are shared with the Customer's Organizations and are not Private


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      How to Reproduce


      1. Update and Publish a Service Desk workflow so that a Customer Transition has a Validator (in this example, add a Validator on the Create Transition where the Organization Field must be set and a Custom Error Message if not set)
      2. Create and Add Customer Accounts in a Service Desk Customer Organization

      Steps to Take

      1. As an Agent/Customer, go to the Customer Portal and create a Request where the "Organization" field is set to "Private Request"

      Expected Results

      Error message displays the Custom Error message that is configured in the Validator

      Actual Results

      Issue is not created and the following error is displayed:


      Your request could not be created. Please check the fields have been correctly filled in.


      If the Issue is created in Jira, the error that's displayed matches what is configured in the Workflow Validator:

      Note that Organization is not a field that can be edited on a Create/Edit Issue screen: Feature Request here: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSDCLOUD-4723

      Something like Setting the Organization by Default (https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSDCLOUD-5307) may help with this scenario


      No workaround available to set the Organization Field nor alert the Customer that this field must be set during the Creation of the Request

      An Automation rule could be created to send out an Alert to specific Agents if the Request was created without an organization being set


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