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Create ability to customize the Customer Portal URL in Jira ServiceDesk


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for Jira Service Management Data Center. Using Jira Service Management Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      As a Project Administrator, I would like to have the ability to display a different URL for Jira Service Management (e.g. support.company.com) instead of jira.xxx.com

      Problem Definition

      In Jira Service Management, customers must access Jira by using a Service Project URL, which can sometimes be quite a long path, depending on the portal.

      Suggested Solution

      • Create the ability to have a Short URL option on the portal, (like short url's in Confluence pages)
      • Create the ability to have customisable short URL's that could point to different portals in Jira Service Desk.
      • Create the ability to have this configured per project and global

      If implemented, the solution should cover scenarios with Data Center and SSO setups


      Use a Reverse Proxy or URL redirect service external from Jira.

      Another workaround is described in How to customize customer portal URL in Jira Service Management Server

      • Please ensure you test this first on your test instance before you implement on your production.
      • Please also note that Atlassian does not support this customization.

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