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Ability to customize "Browse Project" page same as Home page



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Status as of 26 August 2014

      Hi everyone,

      Thanks so much for your votes and comments on this feature request.

      This feature suggestion is in line with our plans for redesign of Project navigation in JIRA: in regards to project related pages (versions, components, reports), but also filters and Summary Page. We are currently discussing the possibilities and analysing the use cases outlined by our customers. Please be vocal in the comments section below - this will help us enormously. And stay tuned for the changes related to navigation.

      Unfortunately at this point in time we are not able to share any planned delivery dates.

      Thanks for your patience and we hope you appreciate our open approach to feature requests.

      JIRA Product Management
      bartek (at) atlassian (dot) com

      Original request description:

      Ability to customize "Browse Project" page same as Home page... especially for adding "Assigned to Me", "In Progress", "Project Statistics" and user-definable filters.

      Some ideas from the linked duplicate issues:

      The dashboard can quickly get cluttered up when there are several projects going on, everyone want their graphs and charts, tables etc. on the dashboard. While some of the "multiple-dashboards" proposals address this more or less (e.g. by allowing saving/loading/sharing of dashboards), I think a project-specific dashboard, controlled by the project lead and viewable by anyone whose permissions allow them to view the project, would be helpful. It would show up as a tab in the 'browse project' set. There may be filters that the particular group likes to use, just for their project, graphs they want to see, handy portlets for the project processes, etc. without losing the view of the 'main' dashboard(s).

      Example: The 'preset filters' on the current page are somewhat limited, and there is no way to tweak them and have the tweaked version show up in the project page. So they end up in the big global filter bucket on the main dashboard, where other project members who don't need them are forced to deal with them.

      Example: A project lead wants the team to see a burndown chart, time-tracking, or one of the new jfreechart created/resolved charts on the project page.
      The ability to customize/add portlets to the existing 'open issues' tab would be useful as well.

      Since JIRA 3.7 it is possible to add preset filters on the Browse Project page by creating a Web Fragment plugin.
      It would be great if this was also possible just by using JIRA's UI

      We need an ease way to change "Preset Filters" on the Browse Project page.
      We also need to be able to change what columns to show, the order of the columns and the sorting of the issues.

      Current "solution"
      We know it is possible to change "Preset Filters" with Web Fragment plugins. But it is a lot of work - it requires a java programmer - and it is not possible to select/reorder columns.

      Suggested solution
      Under "Share Current Filter" it should be possible to select "Show in Preset Filters for Browse Project".
      Current "Preset Filters" should also be shown here, so it is possible to customise them.

      Other suggestions
      When searching/filtering, it should be possible to search for "current project" (if a project is currently chosen) - just as you can search for "current user" - it would make reuse of filters much simpler.

      Additional benefits
      With this solution it would be possible to use "Preset filers" in "Single Level Group By Report" as requested in JRA-12440 and JRA-8811.

      Other related issues
      JRA-8375 Allow Global saved filters to be used as a preset filter on the Browse Project page
      JRA-1639 Merge saved/global filters with "preset filters"
      JRA-11604 Allow to create/modify/remove preset filters on the Browse Project page through the web
      JRA-10942 Allow 'Preset Filters' in 'browse project' and 'project portlets' to have pluggable

      When browsing a project, users are currently presented with a default set of filters on each of the project tabs. For example, on the Summary tab, there are Issues Due, Issues 30 Day Summary, Activity Stream, Issues Updated Recently, etc.; and on the Issues tab, there are Unresolved by Priority, Unresolved by Assignee, Status Summary, etc. These filters are the defaults, as programmed by Atlassian, and can't easily be changed.

      I think it would be a very useful improvement to allow either the JIRA administrator or the individual project administrator to choose which filters to display and which filters to hide on each of the project panel tabs. They should be able to choose from a list of standard filters, but should also be able to easily create new filters to include (for example) custom fields. It should not require a programmer to do this.

      Example A: the JIRA admin might configure the system so that on ALL projects, the Summary tab will display Issues Closed Recently instead of Issues Updated Recently.
      Example B: on one particular project, the project admin might configure it so that the Issues tab will show Unresolved Issues by Type instead of Unresolved by Component, and Unresolved Issues by Severity (a custom field).


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