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Preset filters should be easy to change/customise/reuse



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      We need an ease way to change "Preset Filters" on the Browse Project page.
      We also need to be able to change what columns to show, the order of the columns and the sorting of the issues.

      Current "solution"
      We know it is possible to change "Preset Filters" with Web Fragment plugins. But it is a lot of work - it requires a java programmer - and it is not possible to select/reorder columns.

      Suggested solution
      Under "Share Current Filter" it should be possible to select "Show in Preset Filters for Browse Project".
      Current "Preset Filters" should also be shown here, so it is possible to customise them.

      Other suggestions
      When searching/filtering, it should be possible to search for "current project" (if a project is currently chosen) - just as you can search for "current user" - it would make reuse of filters much simpler.

      Additional benefits
      With this solution it would be possible to use "Preset filers" in "Single Level Group By Report" as requested in JRA-12440 and JRA-8811.

      Other related issues
      JRA-8375 Allow Global saved filters to be used as a preset filter on the Browse Project page
      JRA-1639 Merge saved/global filters with "preset filters"
      JRA-11604 Allow to create/modify/remove preset filters on the Browse Project page through the web
      JRA-10942 Allow 'Preset Filters' in 'browse project' and 'project portlets' to have pluggable links to filters


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