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Allow Global saved filters to be used as a preset filter on the Browse Project page



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      Currently the preset filters are hard-coded. While this works fine in most common setups, it doesn't work when the usage of fields like "resolution" changes or in some custom workflows. The only way to get around this problem is to the edit the JSPs /includes/panels/filters_firsthalf.jsp and /includes/panels/filters_secondhalf.jsp with the new query. This is not really ideal.

      You should be able to use a saved global filter as a preset filter. The filter will then have it's project property replaced for each project (similar to what gets done with the portlet stats) so the the filter is relevent for each project. The users then have full flexibility to change the filters for their own system.

      The obvious follow-up improvement on top of this is to make this configurable per project.

      This will mean, however, that the current present filters will need to be added in as built in saved filters (which might not be a bad thing), with probably the first created user as the owner. Else we need to allow saved filters with no author and allow other users to delete that filter as required.


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