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configurable dashboard-like 'browse project' tab



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      The dashboard can quickly get cluttered up when there are several projects going on, everyone want their graphs and charts, tables etc. on the dashboard. While some of the "multiple-dashboards" proposals address this more or less (e.g. by allowing saving/loading/sharing of dashboards), I think a project-specific dashboard, controlled by the project lead and viewable by anyone whose permissions allow them to view the project, would be helpful. It would show up as a tab in the 'browse project' set. There may be filters that the particular group likes to use, just for their project, graphs they want to see, handy portlets for the project processes, etc. without losing the view of the 'main' dashboard(s).

      Example: The 'preset filters' on the current page are somewhat limited, and there is no way to tweak them and have the tweaked version show up in the project page. So they end up in the big global filter bucket on the main dashboard, where other project members who don't need them are forced to deal with them.

      Example: A project lead wants the team to see a burndown chart, time-tracking, or one of the new jfreechart created/resolved charts on the project page.

      The ability to customize/add portlets to the existing 'open issues' tab would be useful as well.


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