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See more available fields for Columns in Issue Navigator without typing



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      Unable to select all options in Issue Navigator screen

      NOTE: This bug report is for JIRA Server. Using JIRA Cloud? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Issue Summary

      When using the drop-down menus in the issue navigator screen, users receive the following prompt: 'X more options. Continue typing to refine further.' This shows up in multiple search fields and can prevent users from finding the option they are looking for if they are unsure of the exact name of that value. It can also cause some values to become un-selectable.

      For example, when using List View of Issue Navigator, the user has the ability to select fields to add as Columns to the list. The Columns drop down selector can only display 25 fields at any time. In order to see more, the user is prompted with a message as follows: ## more options. Continue typing to refine further.
      In the circumstance where a user is trying to search for a value (e.g. "Type"), but the environment has more than 25 fields (including Custom Fields) which have the word "Type" as part of the value, the user may not be able to find "Type" in the list, yet, they cannot refine further by adding more characters; they are only looking for "Type".

      This impacts users with a large number of custom fields in their environment, who might stumble into this issue.

      Steps to Reproduce

      In any other field, the search needs to be refined further to select certain values. This is not the cause for other fields, like the inline user picker in the issue view which displays all options. There are two existing feature requests for this issue:

      The value not being selectable can be reproduced in the list view:

      1. Create one custom field with a specific name (e.g. "Type")
      2. Create at least 25 other custom fields with any combination of characters, followed by "Type" (e.g. "Example Type")
      3. Go to the Issue Navigator, and be in List View.
      4. Click the Columns dropdown, and search for "Type"

      Expected Results

      The user should be able to select "Type". This could be accomplished by allowing the user to expand the search results without typing (e.g. Click to refine further)

      Actual Results

      The user is prompted to continue typing to refine further. Any further typing beyond "Type" will result in a non-match for the value "Type", making it impossible to select this value.

      Workaround 1

      1. Rename the custom field to something else which does not cause this issue in the Column search.
      2. Add this renamed field as a column to the List View in the Issue Navigator
      3. Rename the custom field back to what it originally was

      Workaround 2

      Increase the number of fields displayed in the control from the default 25.

      Note, that this only helps if the number of status-named fields is not significantly higher than 25, where increasing the threshold will allow you to easily filter through all status-named fields without cutting off.

      1. Modify the file <JIRA_INSTALL_DIR>/atlassian-jira/includes/ajs/list/List.js as below (after backing up the original file)
        find the line below:
        var maxResult = this.maxInlineResultsDisplayed;

        and modify it as below, for example:

        var maxResult = 40;

        Here 40 is the new max length of the list, instead of 25. If this is not enough you may increase it further, but too large values can cause other issues related to display, so better to keep this as low as possible.

      2. Rename List-min.js file to List-min.js.hide.
      3. Restart Jira, clear the browser cache, and test if you can reach the desired field.

       Note that if you update Jira, this procedure will have to be applied again on each node.

      Workaround 3

      Select the required field via developer tools manipulations in the browser. You can manually locate the required input control for the field from the page source code, and enable it by following these steps. In this case, we will do this with the "Status" field:

      1. Perform an issue query or click "View all issues and filters" to cause a list of issues to be displayed.
      2. Click on the "Columns" dropdown.
      3. Scroll to the bottom of the list.
      4. Right-click on the text "Continue typing to refine further". (You can actually right-click anywhere in the Columns chooser, but this puts you close to the tag you're going to be looking for in step 6.)
      5. Select "Inspect" (on Chrome). This should open a browser development window to the right where you can inspect and modify the page's HTML.
      6. In the "Elements" window at the top of the inspection area (on Chrome), scroll down until you see an element titled
        <select id="user-column-sparkler"...>.
      7. Expand "user-column-sparkler".
      8. Expand "optgroup label" within it.
      9. Scroll down until you find the node <option title="Status" value="status">Status</option> (It may be necessary to click "Show all nodes" to see it.)
      10. Right-click on that node and select "Add attribute". Type: selected="selected". The node should now read:
        <option title="Status" value="status" selected="selected">Status</option>
      11. Click "Done" back in the column chooser widget.
      12. The "Status" column should now appear in your issues list. It should not be necessary to repeat this.


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