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Issue Fields that are empty Do Not show up in the Issue View if they are added to View Screen but not in Edit Screen Config


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      Since the new issue view supports Inline editing there is no need to have a separate Edit Issue Screen unlike in the Old Issue View where the edit issue screen was accessed via the EDIT button. Currently, Edit Issue Screen and View Issue Screen are dynamically loaded as we have the inline editing feature.
      However, Incase a JIRA Admin chooses to have a Separate View and Edit Issue Screen, then there could be unusual things that can be seen on the JIRA issue.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • In a Project Create a Screen Configuration where View Issue Screen and Edit Issue Screen is different
      • Consider Two tabs (TA, TB) and 2 fields inside Each tab (F1, F2, F3, F4). Tabs are not necessary always to show this behavior but it's better for this example.
      • In the View Issue Screen add TA and under this tab add F1 and F2. Then Add TB and under this tab add F3 and F4
      • In the Edit Issue Screen add TA and under this tab add F1 and F2. Do not add the TB tab or the F3, F4 fields in the Edit Issue Screen.
      • Go to the Issue View and you will only see the TA tab and F1 and F2 fields under it. The TB tab and F3, F4 fields are not shown even though they are in View Issue Screen.

      This is due to the fact that the TAB and the field were not added to the "Edit Issue Screen".

      NOTE: In the Issue Layout Fields are not added to the "Hide fields When Empty" section.

      Customer Scenario:

      • In a Scenario where (Without using a Read-Only field) we would want to see the F3, F4 fields in the TB tab, but don't want any user to edit it. It would be helpful to display the fields as Empty/Null when they are just added to the View Screen and Not Edit Screen.
      • Then through a Workflow Transition screen, those fields could be updated by only a few users who meet the condition of a Workflow Transition.


      • When a Field is added to the View Screen and not the Edit Screen, With proper project permissions the field needs to be visible/viewable even if the field value is Null.


      For some custom field types such as Short Text, adding a default value to the field will make it appear even if you don't have the field on the Edit screen. You still must add the field to the Edit screen if you want to edit the field, however.

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