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Multi line text field not highlighting URL as hyperlink when default renderer is used



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      Issue Summary

      Currently, due to database constraints, the limit for the URL field is 255 Characters. There is a public document JIRA throws an error when trying to insert an URL string longer than 255 characters in an URL Custom Field where the first workaround is to use a Text Field (multi-line) field type.

      While testing this workaround, we noticed that the custom field of multiline text field type is not acting as a hyperlink. Whereas while using Description (a system multiline test field), if you input a string starting with 'http://' or 'https://', this field type will recognize as an URL and generate the hyperlink normally.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Tested with Description - a system field, - with description.png

      2. Tested with "multiline custom text field type" - with custom field.png

      Expected Results

      The "multiline custom text field type" should recognize the input string as a URL if inputs with HTTP or HTTPS.

      Actual Results

      The "multiline custom text field type" recognizes the input string as a normal string even if inputs with HTTP or HTTPS.


      By default the renderer of the multiline custom filed is "Default Text", please change the renderer to "Wiki type"


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