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Provide users with a plain text markdown editor


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      Atlassian Update – May 2024

      Hi everyone,

      I’m Kieran Gray, one of the Product Managers from the cloud Editor team.

      Thanks so much for taking the time to vote, comment, and help inform our roadmap. We are currently looking into how we can better support your needs with our Editor. However, as we mentioned previously, it may not be an exact replication of what has been previously available in our old Editor. Editing tech has moved on since we originally built out our original Editor and we are looking at ways to make new experience available while also helping you be more productive.

      We continue to welcome meaningful feedback on this issue. So if you would like to share your perspective, we’d appreciate it if you could complete this survey to gather additional information. The goal of this survey is to understand what's most important to you in the context of this ticket and how potential solutions may address these needs.

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      • The context in which you are using the Editor
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      Without this information we are unable to action your feedback.

      Alternatively, if its more convenient for you to discuss these directly with me and our team, I’d love to have a chat. You can book time in my calendar here.

      Thanks again for your ongoing support and for helping us improve our products,

      Kieran Gray

      Product Manager, Editor.




      Since 2019 Jira is implementing a new editor (as long as a new issue view), which is composed by a WYSIWYG editor that works with markdown syntax as well. It would be great if Atlassian shipped an editor without the WYSIWYG features, where users would insert plain text markdown and would be formatted accordingly.

      Bitbucket already has this feature.

      Why this is important?

      There can be more reasons why some users would prefer text-only editing. Including

      • Improve productivity by having fewer clicks (everything would be formatted using the keyboard).
      • Avoid WYSIWYG problems
      • Eases the task of pasting already formatted code

      Proposed Solution

      • Have an option to switch from Visual (WYSIWYG) to Text Only editor

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