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As a Jira administrator I cannot change the sharePermissions & editPermissions for private filters & private dashboards via REST API


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      Problem Definition

      Currently, the documentation is wrongly stating that: "Shared filters can be updated by the Jira administrator."

      • However, as a Jira administrator if I'm not the owner of the filter I will receive the following error:
       {"errorMessages":["You may only create, modify or delete filters that you own."],"errors":{}} 
      • Additionally, I cannot change the owner through REST API.
      • The REST API endpoint Update filter provides the body parameter owner but this cannot be used, currently, to change the owner.
      PUT /rest/api/3/filter/{id}

      Suggested Solution

      • Provide the functionality to change the owner through REST API.
      • Or provide the functionality to update sharePermissions value without verifying ownership of the filter.
      • Or, fix the documentation.


      • This ticket should include the ability to allow admin to search private filters & dashboards through the Rest API (add `overrideSharePermissions` or `extendAdminPermissions`)

      Why this is important

      • Currently, as a Jira administrator, I cannot update the filter configuration (for example sharePermissions value) if I'm not the owner of the filter.
      • If the functionality is provided, the Jira administrator will be able to bulk update sharePermissions value if he notice that filters are shared with anyone or with any logged in user.
      • Since a Jira administrator can do the change through the UI, it would be useful to have this functionality through REST.
      • The endpoint Update filter will be richer, more useful and more efficient.


      • Currently, there is no workaround.

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