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Bulk edit filter sharing/permissions


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      Atlassian Update – 29 October 2023

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      Roman Kolosovskiy

      Sr. Product Manager Jira DC

      Once several filters have been created, you can only change their sharing permissions one-by-one. Tedious and inefficient. 

      Typical scenario: test-driving some report/dashboard based on multiple filters, creating them as Private filters. Then , after testing and debugging, all of those filters need to be re-shared with your broad target audience (a Group or a Project or whatever combination). You have to manually go through editing each filter and assigning the required projects/groups to share with.

      EXPECTED: allow bulk editing of sharing permissions for multiple selected filters (or for a filter search resultset).

      • Select the needed filters,
      • Click "Share selected filers with...",
      • Then goes your regular dialog for adding shared groups/projects,
      • ...and what you select there will be applied to all filters you've selected/checkmarked before.


      Database approach/ script for modifying public access in bulk:

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