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Allow exact-text searching in JQL



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      Status Update 31/10/2022

      Hi everyone,

      This is Irene from the Jira team. Great news – we are now starting to rollout this feature. It's a progressive rollout, so some of you might see this update earlier than others. There will be two rollout milestones; we're currently rolling out Milestone 1, where we support phrase search on summary ~ and description ~. The Milestone 2 rollout will support more text fields – when it starts rolling out I’ll update you again.

      You can read more about this in our Community post. For future updates, you can also see our cloud documentation blog.

      Thanks again for your suggestion to allow exact text searching in JQL.


      Irene Ongkowidjaja

      Status Update 15/09/2022

      Hi everyone,

      We’re excited to let you know that we’re starting work on this feature! While we don’t have a specific timeline on the delivery, we hope to roll it out soon and will update the status here when we have additional details.


      Irene Ongkowidjaja

      Status Update 10/08/2022

      Hi everyone,

      We’re excited to let you know that we’re evaluating this feature. We’ll post more updates on this ticket.


      Irene Ongkowidjaja

      Status Update 23/02/2022

      Dear users,

      We regret to inform you that after a technical evaluation, we have decided to move this issue to our long term backlog. We are also recategorizing the issue from “bug” to “suggestion” as it is a case of missing functionality.

      At the same time, we would like to acknowledge that this functionality is important and can be frustrating for you, and we are committed to fixing it.

      Our technical spike shows adding “exact phrase” to our current Jira Cloud JQL architecture will have a significant negative performance impact across Jira. We are continuing to explore alternate implementations to see if we can workaround this issue.

      Also, we are currently working on significantly improving JQL search architecture for performance and scale. If we are unable to find an alternate implementation with the current architecture, we will target a fix for this issue to this new architecture, which will remove the performance concern.

      Thank you for being patient.

      Jira Platform Product Management


      Currently there is no way to find an exact string using the text ~ or comment ~, etc, notations. Could we add another operator, something equivalent to 'contains exactly'?

      E.g. project = JIRA and text ~~ "this string of text" would return all JIRA project issues with "this string of text", with the individual words in that order.




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