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JQL Contains "Exact Phrase" does not return the result as expected




      Status Update 18/11/2021

      The same explanation as for https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JRACLOUD-21372 

      I am sorry that I've mislead many of you with a previous comment on how fast we will be able to address this issue. 

      Unfortunately I've failed to properly estimate when we could have started investigating this issue due to other more urgent problems. Thus I am moving this issue back to 'Gathering impact' state till we will be able to properly prioritise the 'exact text' issue. 

      There is no clear estimate of when we can start working on this issue. 


      • JQL advanced searching using operators reference CONTAINS with "Exact Phrase" does not return expected result. Eg : using “\”new test\”” but it also returns issue that has “next new csv line Test”

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create an issue with summary of "new test" then create another issue with summary of "next new csv line Test"
      2. Go to search issue and execute this JQL search
        • summary ~ “\”new test\””

      Expected Results

      • Only issue with summary of "new test"

      Actual Results

      • returns issues that has “next new csv line Test”


      Workaround is being mentioned at this community post here: Solved: How to query Summary for EXACT match?. To elaborate, using this paid add-on: ScriptRunner for Jira would do the trick for now:

      ScriptRunner Enhanced Search

      issueFunction in issueFieldMatch("project = CSCRUM", "summary", "new test")

      Jira Issue Navigator

      Search for Multiple Strings in Scriptrunner using regex

      issueFunction in issueFieldMatch("project = CSCRUM", "summary", "new.*|test.*")

      Feel free to refer to this add-on documentation here for more information: ScriptRunner Enhanced Search


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