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Renaming groups after creation.


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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update – 13 March 2023

      Hey everyone,

      We are happy to announce that the rollout of group rename feature has been finished to 100% of all organizations on the new administration experience, hence, after 20 years and cake 9 days, we will finally close this feature request for cloud.

      A good reminder that there are still dependencies in Jira to make group rename perfect, and those are tracked in detail on Group Rename dependencies tracking (ID-8092).

      For those customers still on the legacy administration experience, we are committed to unblock you, all dependencies for migration into the new experience should be addressed throughout 2023, current end date on December, as a dependency is unblocked and shipped to production, we will already migrate the organizations that were unblocked. Please, feel free to ask your questions or concerns on this ticket, even after it is closed, I will commit to answer any questions for the time being on a best effort.

      Thank you, as always.

      Product Lead, Atlassian Access

      Original request description:

      As a JIRA administrator I am responsible for managing a large installation with multiple users and groups. Given the dynamic nature of my environment it is very difficult for me to create the correct user group name which can be used for many projects later on. I need to be able to rename the user groups, to reflect the changes my organisation undergoes.

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