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Renaming groups after creation.



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      NOTE: This suggestion is for JIRA Cloud. Using JIRA Server? See the corresponding suggestion.

      Atlassian Update – 15 November 2022

      Hey there,

      Another monthly update, 1 day late, sorry about that!

      We've faced a few challenges this month, but upon discussion, we believe we are still on track for December, and we have a few more details to share:

      • We still have dependencies within Jira functionalities that will need to be worked to cover all group rename use cases, but instead of postponing the release, we will handle these use cases and warn the admin when a group rename cannot be done, and what can be done as a workaround, we believe that a lot of people will still benefit from the initial version of group rename.
        • Examples of use cases are: Filter subscriptions using groups, issue level security, project roles, etc.
      • All dependencies are documented, and we will provide the limitations in details to you all, and then, timelines as we progressively fix each of them, and release.

      As always, thank you for your patience, next update on December 14th or sooner,

      Product Lead, Atlassian Access

      Past Atlassian Update – 13 September 2022

      Hello everyone,

      We bring good news, this feature is under development by a dedicated team, and we are currently on track to get it ready by the end of the year, in December, 2022.

      We will maintain monthly updates to inform you the status of our progress (good or bad news), and in the spirit of our values, we want to be open with you. This has been a challenging problem to solve due to the complexity of the products themselves, and we wanted to find a solution that matches the future state of the administration experience for all of our Atlassian Cloud services. But we are happy and confident with the solution explored and chosen, hence we are coming back to you now.

      We sincerely thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for another update by October 14th,

      Product Lead, Atlassian Access

      Original request description:

      As a JIRA administrator I am responsible for managing a large installation with multiple users and groups. Given the dynamic nature of my environment it is very difficult for me to create the correct user group name which can be used for many projects later on. I need to be able to rename the user groups, to reflect the changes my organisation undergoes.


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