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Renaming of groups should be possible


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      At the moment it isn't possible to rename a group once it is created. Since we use the groups sometimes to reflect out team structures and these are renamed from time to time, this causes a lot of effort because i always have to create a new group, reassign the members and then check all studio-components and replace the old group permissions with the new one.

      Especially if a group is used in many different projects, this is hard to maintain!

      I know that there is a proposal NOT to reflect the organisational structure within these groups. But creating per-project groups isn't even better, because then if people change the team, i have to modify all project roles instead of just reassigning him to his new organisational group.

      So from my perspective the possibility to change the name of a group would save me a lot of time and be a great improvement for the studio, so when will you implement it?

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