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Group Rename dependencies tracking



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      Hi everyone,

      We've launched the feature to rename groups in Atlassian Cloud, as per ID-6677.

      As we informed in the above suggestion ticket, we decided to launch the feature in its earlier stages, as we know it can already benefit many of our customers, and, continue to work on the remaining dependencies, prioritizing the most impactful to the least, based on our usability analytics research.

      On this ticket, we will track each dependency, to give you full visibility of what the work looks like, and what we are doing. The purpose of this ticket is not to gather impact, or prioritize work, the group rename feature is already a priority for Atlassian, and critical part of our roadmap.

      Id Depedency Status
      1 Product Access Done
      2 Global permission Done
      3 Advanced Roadmaps - Plugin Permissions Done
      4 Project Roles Done
      5 Notification Done
      6 Issue Securities Scheme In Progress
      7 Share Permission Done
      8 JQL Filters - Subscription Done
      9 Permissions Scheme Done
      10 Advanced Roadmaps - Plan Done
      11 Workflows Done
      12 Announcements To Do
      13 Issue Comments In Progress
      14 User Picker Filter Done
      15 Board Administrators Done
      16 Worklogs In Progress
      17 Group Pickers - Custom Fields In Progress
      18 JSM Assets In Progress

      Looking for user provisioning via SCIM group rename? Once all dependencies are fixed, we should start work on ACCESS-800.

      Thank you!

      Product Lead, Atlassian Access


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