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Ability to merge Atlassian accounts to a single account with secondary emails


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      Update 2021-06-23

      Hi everyone,

      Thank you for your patience and continual feedback on this issue.

      We wanted to share an update on this ticket for everyone who has been understandably frustrated about the status of this functionality. We hear you. As a team, we discuss this request and how we might be able to address it several times a year. But ultimately, the delay comes down to how complex this problem is and how many teams are involved to get to a working solution.

      Thanks to your input though, especially from those who have been involved in our interviews, we’ve been able to break down your requests into areas we can iteratively improve, which in full transparency, is the most effective way for us to resource and tackle this ask.

      Here’s what we’re currently working on:

      • An improved account switcher that will allow you to work more seamlessly across your multiple accounts, without having to constantly log out and log back in. We are expecting to start development on this next quarter so keep your eyes peeled.
        Improving the way you clean up and remove duplicate accounts (bulk deactivation).
      • Identifying and improving the workflows that lead to accidental duplicate account creation in the first place.

      We understand that for some of you, these changes above still don’t address the core issue - being able to consolidate everything into just one identity. We are actively discussing with all of our product teams what is feasible here. To offer some insight into why this is not an easy problem for us to solve: we need to ensure that all content (comments, pages, issues, links etc.) continue to be valid under the correct owner, permissions appropriately transferred, and privacy and security settings respected.

      To be completely transparent, it is unlikely that we will reach a solution where all data in multiple Atlassian accounts across 20+ services can ever be combined, but we absolutely want to make this a better experience for our customers compared to what it is today.

      We’ll continue to post updates here on the changes we’re making to improve the experience for everyone with multiple accounts. Thanks again for your patience as we work through this request.

      Problem Definition

      When there are several Atlassian accounts, it is not possible to change the email address because both email addresses are in used.

      Suggested Solution

      Allow the ability to merge Atlassian accounts.

      Why this is important

      • The purpose of Atlassian to allow users to log in to any Atlassian Cloud products with the same email address. However, without merging the accounts, it's still partially met the purpose.
        • It is not convenient for users to log into different Atlassian Cloud instances with different Atlassian Accounts


      There is no workaround at the moment to merge data for multiple Atlassian accounts:

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