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As a site-admin, I would like to change the email address used by a Jira/Confluence account


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      Problem Definition

      Consider this scenario:

      • A user have 2 Atlassian Accounts under different domains:
        • ezra@atlassian.com
        • ezra@myowncompany.com
      • The user is accessing multiple Jira/Confluence Cloud sites:
      • The user would like to use ezra@atlassian.com to access from now onwards
      • It is not possible to make the change, and a workaround from Cloud support team is required

      Suggested Solution

      Allow mapping of a Jira/Confluence account to an Atlassian Account through the site-admin UI

      Why this is important

      It is common for users to have multiple email addresses, and it is not easy to map these email addresses to a Jira/Confluence account with the current Cloud setup.


      Contact Atlassian Cloud support team

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