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Easily switch between Atlassian Accounts



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      An update on switching between Atlassian accounts

      Hi everyone,

      We’ve released an update to make it easier to switch between multiple Atlassian accounts. We've focussed on removing the need to log out and log in each time you switch.

      When visiting a product, site, or content that requires you to switch accounts, we’ll now show you our account switcher screen. From there, you can log into your other account(s) or switch to one you’ve already logged into. See the example screenshot I’ve attached.

      While you can only use one Atlassian account at a time in your browser, you can now stay logged into up to 10 accounts and switch between them when required.

      We’re planning a further update to increase the visibility of our account switcher screen. We’ll keep you posted with our progress.

      In the meantime, we’d love to talk to some of you about the experience we’ve released and the next update we’re planning. If you’re interested, please email us and we’ll contact you to set up some time.


      Tom Gilbert
      Product Management Team - Atlassian

      Problem Definition

      • Users who have more than one Atlassian Account for different environments could have an easier way to switch between these accounts

       (Example: switching between google mail)


      Why this is important

      • Help users that constantly need to switch between Atlassian Accounts 


      1. Use different browsers for each account
      2. Access different account using incognito window


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